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32: Race Horse to Riding Horse

Equine Section ➤ Riding Horses Ballinasloe Horse and Agriculture Show 2023 - Sun, 24th Sep, 2023
Sponsored by
Michael McCullagh Auctioneer
Michael Mullins

Open ridden race horse to riding horse open to Thoroughbred Horses that have started under rules on the track or at a point to point

Riding Horses - Opening Notes


Ring 4

Judging in this ring starts at 11am sharp

Prizes:   1st - €50    2nd - €30    3rd - €20

No entries permitted on day of event.

Equestrian Arena
Ring Area:  
Ring 4
Entry Fee:  
Sun, 24th Sep, 2023
Prizes:   1st - 1st Prize €50.00 , 2nd - 2nd Prize €30.00 , 3rd - 3rd Prize €20.00
Class is currently closed for entry.